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Gun Oil/Lubricant SFR’s ProTecta Precision Oiler Proves Superior

shotgun lubricantAs a lubricant formulator and an ex-professional shooting instructor for shotguns with the old Winchester Repeating Arms Company, I find that gun lubrication is critical for performance. Many gun enthusiasts use poor lubricants or do not lubricate properly.

Today’s special gun lubricants are a waste of money and are sold at ridiculous prices.

Gun cleaners for cleaning out the bores are fine, however lubricants possess premium prices and they only consist of a light lubricating oil, like hydraulic oil, with a carrier. Because they are wet they work okay initially but do not last under metal-to-metal contact.

How important are gun lubricants to performance? Let’s put it this way, has this ever happened to you?

  • Safety doesn’t work easily and you cannot get a shot off while in the field.

  • Slide action in pump shotgun doesn’t shuck easily and you short shuck it.

  • Your clip doesn’t slide in easily and you struggle.

  • Your semi-automatic pistol jams and you have to clear it.

  • Your over an under shotgun is newer and tight to open.

  • The bolt in your rifle doesn’t move like silk when you’re racking in a shell.

  • Works okay as long as you oil it all the time but who has time for that?

  • Doesn’t open or function properly in bad weather—especially cold.

What is needed for a superior gun lube that will make my gun perform optimally?

shutgun pump oilThere are many applications in guns where friction occurs. This requires a boundary lubricant, which means a strong film to keep two moving pieces of metal from rubbing against each other. The best boundary lubricant contains Extreme Pressure Additives.

Extreme Pressure Additives will get into the pores of the metal and work without having to re-lube all the time. On a standardized test called a 4 Ball Extreme Pressure Test ASTM (American Society of Testing Materials) D-2783, most all leading gun oils will go the same as dry. SFR’s ProTecta Precision Oiler, which allows precision one drop application,** will run 420 kilograms or 924 lbs. of friction pressure before failing**. Over oiling can be a problem with coming in contact with gun-powder residue, but SFR’s ProTecta only requires one drop to reduce friction.

I have included some pictures to point out the many uses of SFR’s ProTecta Precision Oiler on your guns.

pistol oilProTecta Precision Oiler protects against wear like no other gun oil you have ever used.

  • Protects against corrosion a guns worst enemy.

  • Gun will perform even better than when it was new out of the box.

  • Actions, safeties, bolts, revolving chambers, slides, hinges will work like never before.

  • And it is inexpensive costing a fraction of regular gun oils.

If you would like a gun oil tested that you have used regarding friction send a sample to:

Robert H. Sanborn SFR Corporation P.O. Box 457 Whitehall, MT 59759.

We will video tape testing results on a friction testing machine and send you a copy.

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