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Why SFR is not Sold in Stores

Since 1985 SFR has been formulated for agricultural and industrial uses. In other words, products are intended for heavy duty use such as large farm tractors or even windmills where one bearing could cost in excess of $300,000. When formulating for commercial or heavy duty applications it requires major concentrated additives that protect and prevent against catastrophic failure. This is not only because of the initial cost of the repair, but the down time can be substantially more in lost revenue. Read more »

Why it Pays to use the Right Fuel Treatment

The news is full of stories about the high price of gasoline and how it is crimping the budget of the consumer. One recent market report shows a surprising, even counterintuitive, trend in the automotive aftermarket. On one hand, we see rising fuel prices and an overall flat aftermarket in retail sales due to the major oil companies bad mouthing such products. But within the segment, sales of the highest performance category of gasoline additives, Complete Fuel System Cleaners, increased some 19% for the twelve months ending in 2008. Read more »

Toyota Goes 600,000+ Miles With Virtually No Wear!

Today we had a valued SFR customer write in: Hi My name is Jerry Fogg, I live in Seward Alaska and we have a Charter business. I first started using S F R oil in approx. 1994. I used it in a 91 Toyota pu V6. It had approx 100k miles on it when I first started using it, It now has 625,000 on it. At 325k the engine blew a head gasket and I took it to the toyota dealer to have it repaired. Read more »

As GL-5 Motor Oil Warranty is Released the Inequities of GF-4 are Revealed

Whenever a new motor oil warranty standard is released by the oil industry, which is based on specifications required by the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) such as Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, etc. marketers begin selling the improvements over the last specification or in this case GF-4. This exposes the pitfalls of GF-4 and the problems that millions of car owners are experiencing with their engines in their vehicles. The results are out and there seems to be a real problem with GF-4 and cleanliness. Read more »

Castrol/BP Lubricants gets Crushed Again by the U.S. Oil Cartel

Many of you probably do not remember when Castrol went against the all-powerful U.S. oil cartel made up of the major oil companies. The oil companies are competitors and thus are at odds some of the time. Thus, they use the API or American Petroleum Institute as their spokesman and watch-dog for regulating and keeping peace in the industry. Castrol several years ago went against the API, stating that the Buick single cylinder mileage test that still used leaded fuel,** even ten years after it had been phased out, was no longer valid**. Read more »

Oil and Fuel Additives do NOT Void Car Warranties

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act is a Federal Law that protects the buyer of any product, which costs more than $25 and comes with an express written warranty. This law applies to any product that you buy as a consumer. The warranty coverage can be denied only if the aftermarket part caused the malfunction or damage for which warranty coverage is sought. Disputes in this area usually boil down to arguments over facts and technical opinions, rather than arguments over interpretations of the law. Read more »

Gun Oil/Lubricant SFR’s ProTecta Precision Oiler Proves Superior

As a lubricant formulator and an ex-professional shooting instructor for shotguns with the old Winchester Repeating Arms Company, I find that gun lubrication is critical for performance. Many gun enthusiasts use poor lubricants or do not lubricate properly. Today’s special gun lubricants are a waste of money and are sold at ridiculous prices. Gun cleaners for cleaning out the bores are fine, however lubricants possess premium prices and they only consist of a light lubricating oil, like hydraulic oil, with a carrier. Read more »

Politically Driven Sequence VID Fuel Economy Test for GF-5 due in 2010

In the past tests for North American engine oils took years of technical work to get approved. Such tests make up the motor oil warranty sequence that everyone has to pass to get their motor oil warranty certified. The new test is muddled with politics as the format changed to pay-to-play. In other words if you dished out $300,000 each you could set the standard for the new test. Ten companies, almost all representing major oil companies took part. Read more »

Leading Oil Additive and Lubricant Manufacturer Seeking Manufacturers Representitives

SFR Corporation, a registered trademark in the U.S. and many countries internationally, are seeking manufacturers representatives. SFR, after 25 years in business, is changing its marketing channel and seeking manufacturers representatives. Several states are open and this is a unique opportunity, as SFR is a well established company with many distributors already in place. SFR, and its product line is one of the most intensely tested of any in the industry. Read more »

Diesel Cars are the Up and Coming Trend in the U.S.

As fuel prices begin to skyrocket again, future plans for the purchase of an automobile should not rule out considering a diesel car. In the past, the purchase of a diesel car has been shunned in the U.S. This is due to the noise and filling up at the messy diesel pumps. But all that is about to change. 70% of All New Cars are Diesels In Europe almost 70% of all new car registrations are diesels! Read more »