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Why it Pays to use the Right Fuel Treatment

The news is full of stories about the high price of gasoline and how it is crimping the budget of the consumer. One recent market report shows a surprising, even counterintuitive, trend in the automotive aftermarket. On one hand, we see rising fuel prices and an overall flat aftermarket in retail sales due to the major oil companies bad mouthing such products. But within the segment, sales of the highest performance category of gasoline additives, Complete Fuel System Cleaners, increased some 19% for the twelve months ending in 2008.

Low End Injector Cleaners Don’t do the Job

This growth strongly suggests that consumers are responding to premium products–top of the line differentiated brands– where they receive greater value such as ProTecta’s Complete Fuel System Treatment with a mileage improver as a bonus. Complete fuel system cleaners provide one-tank cleanup of intake valves, fuel injectors and combustion chambers. In a single application, ProTecta’s concentrated cleaner and mileage improver, can restore lost fuel economy, power and emissions performance. Consumers’ desire to achieve measurable fuel economy improvements is the key driver behind this significant shift in behavior. This makes sense as who wants to have to buy 5-10 gas treatments to achieve the same results. The consumer cannot even see the difference of the low end gas treatments and injector cleaners that cost between $1-$5.99 at the date this is written. This is also a reason people are skeptical of aftermarket additives. Its simple with the low end products they say what have I got to lose, but when they try them they do not see the results.

ProTecta Complete Fuel System Treatment with a friction modifier for fuel economy benefits even on a new car is SFR’s top-of-the-line additive package that allws SFR’s distributors and retail outlets to offer a differentiated complete fuel system product. It provides a variety of proven benefits and specifically addresses consumers’ desire to improve fuel economy. Though there are some complete fuel system treatments, only SFR’s ProTecta Complete Fuel Sytem Treatment contains the special friction modifier to improve fuel economy. Thus, the consumer receives a benefit in mileage from the cleaning of injectors and combustion chambers and another benefit with its mileage improver, which works even on new cars.

Tests of ProTecta Complete Fuel System Cleaner with Mileage Improver in consumer vehicles evaluated intake valve deposits, combustion chamber deposits, fuel injection flow rates, emissions, fuel economy, drivability, catalystic converters and oxygen sensors. The test results demonstrate that in one tank, ProTecta’s Complete Fuel System Cleaner with Mileage Improver completely cleans injectors, intake valves, combusion chambers, piston tops and cylinder heads. This leads to:

Improved fuel economy. On average by 3-4%, but up to 6%

Restored power. Removing deposits increases an engines power.

Reduced emissions. A clean engine burns fuel more efficiently and reduces the amount of harmful gases released through the tailpipe.

Improved fuel economy on new vehicles. ProTecta’s special friction modifier that gravitates through the fuel and becomes resident on the piston tops or heads in the motor oil, lasts an entire oil change giving the consumer a mileage improvement even on a new car.

Overall, it means reductions in the cost of operating the vehicle and improvements in engine performance.