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Toyota Goes 600,000+ Miles With Virtually No Wear!

Today we had a valued SFR customer write in:

Hi My name is Jerry Fogg, I live in Seward Alaska and we have a Charter business. I first started using S F R oil in approx. 1994. I used it in a 91 Toyota pu V6. It had approx 100k miles on it when I first started using it, It now has 625,000 on it. At 325k the engine blew a head gasket and I took it to the toyota dealer to have it repaired. They said that the V 6's were having a problem and that it would not cost me to repair the head gasket. They have to pull the engine to do the head gasket so I asked the to check the engine over to see if it needed overhauling. Upon inspection of the engine the cylinder hone marks were still visible there were no ridges and they could not believe that the bearings measured the same as new ones! This was when I lived in Colorado, since then I use SFR in my 2 home built airplanes and my two Yamaha 115's and both my diesel. Jerry Fogg