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SFR Oil Fortifier Demonstration Video

SFR, a registered trademark in the U.S. and internationally since 1987, has a video available on line. SFR has utilized the Timken Friction Machine for many years because of its reliability in determining extreme friction. Backed up by more serious bench tests namely the Step Up Wear Test, ASTM D-2783 Extreme Pressure Test, and Falex Pin and Vee Test. SFR is probably the most tested product for aftermarket fortifiers.

SFR has completed the Nissan KA24E Wear Test, which is the standard for motor oil warranty testing. This test alone costs over $100,000 per run. SFR ran against the leading brand Pennzoil with a 17% overall reduction in wear and as much as 90% on exhaust lobes. In addition, SFR has run the L-38 Corrosion Test, which is the warranty standard for motor oils. SFR had a whopping 37% reduction in corrosive wear compared to Citgo.