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Should I buy Lucas Oil Treatment or SFR’s ProTecta Engine Treatment?

ProTecta Engine TreatmentIn researching the two products we found that the Lucas Oil Treatment, which is more popular than SFR’s Engine Treatment, is not as effective when it comes reducing friction. On an American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) D-2783 4 Ball Test, the Lucas had a weld point of only 125 kilograms, which is just over the test being run with no lubricant. The ProTecta Engine Treatment, went the maximum amount tested of 880 kilograms with much less wear. The ProTecta Engine Treatment by SFR is synthetic, whereas the Lucas is petroleum. Studies have found that synthetics will last longer and outperform petroleum oils. So if you want to reduce wear in your engine, select SFR’s ProTecta Engine Treatment for the maximum bang for your buck.

ASTM D-2783 4 Ball Test