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NASCAR Uses Additives for the Winning Edge

Now even NASCAR is getting on the additive bandwagon, as performance seekers are blowing the doors off of regular motor oil. In an article appearing in the Wall Street Journal some 10 million dollars has been spent on perfecting motor oil through additives. The Joe Gibbs racing team has squeezed out some 10 extra horsepower. This confirms what SFR found out when it went on the Canadian Truth or Dare Show and got an amazing 12 horsepower increase with its proprietary synthetic additive system on a new Ford 150. We are not talking about an older car we are talking actual dyno tests on a brand new vehicle.

The Gibbs NASCAR Team is Using Additives

The Gibbs team calls their secret developer “William the Chemist” to keep the secrecy as they do not want anyone one to know about their improvement in performance. We know who that is and what they got isn’t rocket science, but patented additives. They go on to say they thinned the oil for better performance in terms of mileage, but this cannot be accomplished without the use of Extreme Pressure agents, not found in motor oils. The Gibbs team say’s “their formula is a secret combination of its retail brands.” They wouldn’t give the recipe. Where have we heard this before only to be ridiculed by all of the bloggers’ stating these are bogus products.

Motor Oil Can be Improved with Additives

The oil companies only make their products to the specifications of the car manufacturers and thus regular motor oil, though obviously functional, just don’t get it on when you want to stretch the limits of performance. This article only confirms the performance one can achieve using additives. So for all of you that have said additives do not work and never use an additive, keep using your average motor oil and we will blow past you on the road. Your car will be in the junkyard as ours will be going strong. This article appearing Friday April 10, 2009 in the Wall Street Journal is another confirmation, in a list of many, substantiating the value and use of additives in your vehicle.