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Oil Companies Are in the aftermarket Additive Business, Proving they Work!

So many articles are written regarding how aftermarket additives do not work; buyer beware, fine chemical balance, waste of money and they just do not work. Most of the time these comments come from marketers of motor oils. Their customers ask them if an aftermarket additive will benefit their vehicle. The marketer, who sells motor oil, doesn’t want the customer to think his oil is inferior so tells the customer do not use. It becomes such a hassle explaining many have invested a great deal of time on blogs and other web activities telling the public to beware of additives. They often cite FTC rulings back in the late 90’s when some limited aftermarket additive marketing companies made claims that couldn’t be supported.

Oil Companies Sell Additives

Most of the major oil companies are selling aftermarket additives on the consumer market today. One only has to think about this for a brief time and ask oneself, would a major oil company sell such products if they didn’t work? This is especially true when makes up such a small part of their overall business, which is that of selling fuel and motor oils. Would a major oil company risk such liability if they didn’t work and could cause damage to a vehicle. I do not think so. Since the aftermarket additives are some of the same additives used in their motor oils and fuels, but at a higher use, I do not think so. Its pretty easy to figure out that the aftermarket additives do provide a benefit to motorists or they wouldn’t bother.

If you didn’t know what companies and products are being sold on the market here is some important information for you. Pennzoil/Quaker State market Slick 50, the Teflon additive system; Valvoline the motor oil that “mechanics trust most”, at least that is their marketing unique selling proposition, (USP) markets a whole line of products under the Pyroil name. This includes engine treatments, fuel system treatments, diesel injector cleaners etc. They even sell under their own name Valvoline Synpower! Then there is Shell Oil Company that sells Gumout, and Chevron sells Techron as well as some others. Marathon oil uses STP in all of their fuel! Even the anti-freeze guys Prestone get into the act of selling aftermarket additives. Now the major oil companies are even making High-Mileage Motor oil with special additives to condition seals and prevent blow-by. As I researched the countless oil companies making aftermarket additives, I requested information on benefits such as mileage improvement claims etc. To my delight, I received ASTM and validated testing that cost literally hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars of testing on their products.


So, in conclusion, if you are still deciding if aftermarket additives actually work visit the links that I have included on all of the different aftermarket additive products sold by the major oil companies. There is something to additives as it’s the additives that do the work, not the base oil or carrier oil in the formulation. Whenever a new warranty specification is made for motor oil it always calls for more additives. Pour a bottle in today and see what so many have discovered for themselves and that is additives do work and benefit your vehicle.