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Trends for 2009 in regards to Engine Oils

Research has shown that drivers are keeping their cars a lot longer, and that means more and more high-mileage vehicles are on the road. In 2003, according to R. L. Polk the average car was 9.1 years old, but now the average vehicle in the U.S. is 9.7 years old.

With that in mind, vehicle production has decreased as well as drivers are putting off the purchase of a new vehicle as long as possible. With gasoline peaking at $4.23 per gallon in July of 2008 motorists delayed changing their oil and extended their drain intervals. With gasoline falling, motorists should change their oil sooner in 2009, however with the tough economy, many are playing Russian Roulette with their oil changes, inevitably slowly wearing out their engines at an accelerated rate. The use of Oil Boosters such as ProTecta’s Engine Oil Booster can delay the oil change and for less than $5 per oil change.

Continued use of a product loaded with detergents, dispersants, anti-oxidants, anti-wear agents, and extreme pressure agents, will decrease the slow grinding away of contaminants in your engine due to longer drain intervals. Without the addition of additional detergents/dispersants motor oils become heavy with additional contaminants due to delaying the oil drain interval. The average oil filter, which is rated at 20 microns, can only hold so much contamination, before the oil begins dumping the particles, which becomes sludge.

According to market research, the second most important factor to the average motorist (next to longer engine life) is to get “greater performance of their vehicle”. This is where the use of an aftermarket oil booster or synthetic additive package can help you not only prolong your engines life, but to realize better performance and for that matter better mileage. ProTecta Engine Oil Booster comes in a quart bottle and is good for five oil changes.

In conclusion, if you are going to keep your ride longer, and increase the drain interval, consider using a synthetic oil booster such as ProTecta Oil Booster or synthetic motor oil that is fortified with extra additives to withstand the extra miles.