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A & B Transmission recommends SFR

This was sent to me from Gary Reynolds in regards to a customer of his Brad Miller, who is the owner of A & B Transmission in Shelley, Idaho.

Brad was initially skeptical of using an additive, but because he was friends with Gary Reynolds, SFR Distributor he decided to try SFR in his personal vehicle. He owns a late model Dodge Durango and drives to New Mexico a few times each year to visit relatives. The Durango consistently averaged 18.5 miles per gallon. He used the SFR Engine Treatment just before leaving for New Mexico recently. The following Monday after returning, he called Gary with the following:

The first thing out of his mouth was I'm a Believer Now!!" The first change he noticed was that a persistent clicking noise had disappeared. The next thing that really sold him was the gas mileage jumped to 21.5-22 mpg, He is telling everyone he deals with about SFR now. Too many people think this is a gimmick but its not. It really works and with gas/diesel prices as high as they are now, everyone should be using SFR.

Signed Gary Reynolds Idaho Falls, Idaho