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1989 Ford Dually loses oil pump, SFR saves engine

This blog entry concerns a 1989 Ford Dually, 460 Cubic Inch gasoline engine that was pulling a 26’ car trailer Being an avid user of SFR oil additive to a number of years; One early morning, (2:00 am), while driving back from Columbus, Ohio, show, I stopped for gas in Osseo, Wisconsin. After getting back on I-94 my oil pressure dropped to 0 and my oil light came on. I need to mention that it was about 10 degrees outside. I stopped and rechecked my oil, everything was ok in that there was no engine noise. I decided to finish my 55 mile trip home running at the speed limit of 65 mph. Later that morning I went out and put on another mechanical gauge to check the oil pressure. At 1500 rpm I only could get 2 psi. I pulled the pan and checked the bearings, and they were good as new, thus I went to town and bought an oil pump. I ended up driving it another year before a friend talked me out it. It had 215,000 miles and that was 7 years ago. He still has it, also uses SFR, and yes still the same motor with over 600,000 miles on the odometer. Wayne Kaiser Kaiser Custom Bloomer, Wisconsin