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SFR's oil additive protects gearboxes

To Whom it May Concern:

Cornelison Farms started to use SFR in October, this was the beginning of our harvest season. We operate a 3000 acre farm and average losing 3 to 4 gearboxes a year on potato combines and crossovers. Before starting to harvest the potatoes we put SFR oil additive in all gear boxes and we did not lose even one. The only thing we can contribute this success is to using SFR.

We had one gearbox that came from the factory with no oil in it. Not knowing this, we put 6 ounces of SFR in the gearbox. This dug about 100 acres before the casing split in half. The gears and bearings, keeping the friction from breaking them also.

We are firm believers that the SFR oil additive has saved us 3 to 4 gearboxes. We use it in all machinery where friction is involved.

Brett Cornelison Vic Rigoulot