Performance Technologies for a Clean Planet

SFR registers new Trademark SFR Green

SFR Corporation, corporate offices has announced a new trademark–SFR Green that now appears on SFR’s website and other materials.  SFR has been a leader in developing products to lessen the impact on the environment.  Robert Sanborn President of SFR Corporation said that we are working in an industry that is critical to the economy, and that is maintaining equipment and vehicles to last longer and perform better.  We must do so in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner.  For this reason, SFR has been instrumental in developing such products as ProTecta smoke free 2 Cycle synthetic oil and ProTecta Complete Fuel System Treatment.  ProTecta Complete Fuel System Treatment is the first product on the market to actually increase mileage and reduce emissions on a new car.  Many products claim cleanup and a resulting increase in mileage, but no other company has developed a product to improve the mileage of a new car.  This technology that improves fuel economy and reduces emissions has been validated by a major oil company in extensive testing.

SFR has focused its research and development in introducing products that are environmentally friendly or lessen the impact on the environment in comparison to other products on the market.  SFR’s D-SOL Diesel Fuel Conditioners have been formulated to be used with bio-diesel fuels. 

Look for additional products as SFR introduces additional environmentally friendly products.  The technologies are being introduced to lessen the impact on the environment as we all must do our part in protecting the planet, thus the new strategic statement by SFR, “Peformance Technologies for a Clean Planet.“  For more information on products available go to SFR’s website