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SFR reduces electricity consumption in air conditioners

This letter will introduce Ron Kight, an SFR Distributor who informed me that we could extend the life of our air conditioners.  In testing one building (16 units), serviced by one meter we checked and recorded the meter reading for 24 hours before treating the air conditioners.  We then treated the units, checked and recorded the meter reading for an additional 24 hour period discovering we had saved an astonishing 80 kilo watts on the building.  We monitored the meter for an additional five days with a continued savings of 80 kilo watts per day.

Because of these results we decided to treat all 192 A/C units at Wildewood and are looking foward to saving thousands of dollars in electricity, maintenance, and repairs from day one due to the use of this product.

I highly recommend that you give this product a try and the sooner you start the sooner you will save.  Signed Jeff L. Curry, Owner/Broker Performance Properties, San Angelo, Texas.