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SFR Grease Solves Company Problem

I am writing to you in regards of your excellent product SFR (Superior Friction Reduction) grease.  My company is  manufacturer of mulch products.  We use large tub grinders in the processing of many of our products.  One of our biggest problems in the past was maintaing the bearings in these tub grinders.  On the recommendations of the manufacturer, we were told to pump grease into the bearings until it pushed out through the seals.  This would push out the dirt that would build up inside the bearings, causing them to wear out.  Unfortunately, this also broke the seals that kept the grease in the bearings.  We then found that conventional greases would melt due to the heat that built up, and leak out of the seals, causing the bearings to wear out quickly because there wasn’t any lubrication left.

We were constantly trying different products, and were ready to give up hope for a grease that could take the punishment yet maintain its lubrication properties, when we discovered SFR grease.  We have found that your product seems to draw itself to heat, thereby increasing lubrication to the areas that need it most.  Since we have started using SFR grease we have been able to extend production time of our tub grinders and reduced our maintenance cost on replacement bearings.  I have been recommending your products to everyone, and plan on using SFR grease as our only grease, unless of course you come out with an even better product.  Signed James Weber, President Ohio Mulch Supply Inc.