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Maralex Resources turns to SFR with success in compressors

My names is Bill Pinasco, and I am a compressor mechanic for Maralex Resources.  We had a $9,000 compressor unit, which had run out of oil and gotten severely tight.  Through the Shell Oil representative in our area, I had heard of a product called SFR.  They told me it would reduce friction and gaulding.  The following day, I went to our Shell representative, Fraley and Company and purchased your product.  I added the recommended dose into my ten gallon holding tank of oil.  I then added this mixture to our compressor.  Prior to this addition, when engaging the compressor, it would make approximately six revolutions and then seize up.  After adding the SFR to the compressor and once it circulated, the compressor started gaining revolutions within 6 to 10 minutes.  The unit was saved and is currently running at full production rpm.  I strongly know and believe the SFR product is what saved this unit.  Maralex Resources are currently using it in 253 compressors and pumping units that they own and operate.  Thank you.