Performance Technologies for a Clean Planet

SFR 100 Excels in Fleet of Trucks

I would like to thank you for your demonstration of SFR.  Since using your product in our fleet of trucks we have seen an increase on fuel mileage over the entire fleet.  SFR was added to the engine oil, differential and power steering pumps of all the trucks.  Overall the mileage gain averaged out to 1.59 mpg on the vehicles that could be accurately checked, (some of our trucks are used for personal issues and cash is paid for gas with no record made of gallons used).

I would also like to tell you about one truck that came into the shop for planned maintenance that less than one quart of motor oil was drained from the oil pan. When the driver was asked why he had not checked the oil he said “I only check it when the valves start to tick, “I thought the oil pressure gauge was broken and that was why it read low”.  SFR saved this engine for us!  This savings alone covered the cost of the SFR products we bought in a year.  Thank you for a great product, Sincerely yours, Bill Rice fleet manager for W.A. Lynch Roofing Company Inc. of Charlottesville, VA.