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SFR Found To Be A very Good Product

Just wanted to let you know that I have found SFR to be a very good product.  Although I was somwhat skeptical at first, SFR has proven to be  good maintenance and fuel saving oil additive.

In our diesel pick-up trucks fuel mileage has increased by 15%, from 13 mpg to 15 mpg.  Also they are much easier to start during cold weather.

Fuel mileage in our tanker trucks has increased by 10% with a fleet of forty vehicles our fuel savings should be very substantial.

I also tried SFR in our air compressor with some impressive results.  The compressor now runs much quieter and seems to work with less effort.

Thanks for a great product and I am sure I will be calling you again in the future to order more SFR.  Sincerely,  David Steneken, Mechanic Tru-Green/Chemlawn, Rochester, NY.