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SFR 100 in Gearboxes from Coca Cola Bottlers Wster Limited

I am writing to confirm to you our experience with the use of SFR oil fortifier in our Lambeg plant.  As you know we put SFR into all the gearboxes on our two bottling lines fourteen months ago.  Both lines operated for the full period without breakdown, Line 2 for the first time in sixteen years.  At the annual shutdown inspection no gearboxes on either line required overhaul.

Since the use of SFR is the only new factor in the operation, I am convinced that the above results are entirely due to SFR and that it has produced significant reduction in maintenance costs and more importantly reduced downtime and increased production.

The fact that no gearboxes required overhaul also leads me to believe that the use of SFR will also extend equipment life.

We will continue to use SFR and are happy to recommend its use to others.

Signed, John Hamilton Works Engineer, Lembeg, Northern Ireland.