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How does D-SOL Diesel Fuel Additive assist with Lubricity with new no sulfur fuels?

Would like to hear from anyone that has used D-SOL additive for diesel fuel…to add lubricity when sulfur is reduced from 500 ppm to 15 ppm at the end of 2006.


Bremerton, Washington

**Both D-SOL Diesel Fuel Conditioners are fortified with Lubricity additives. Manufacturers of diesel fuel pumps are reporting pre-mature wear due to the new super low sulfur fuel. Sulfur, which contains sulfated ash, provides lubricity to key wear areas in the fuel pump. With the EPA legislating the sulfur out of the fuel to reduce emissions, this has been a great concern. Diesel fuel pumps can cost over $2000 and up. D-SOL diesel fuel conditioners both are fortified with lubricity additives to improve pump life. There are two industry tests to measure the lubricity of a diesel fuel and they are: High Frequency Reciprocating Rig (HFRR) ASTM D-6079 and Scuffing Load Ball on Cylinder Lubricity Evaluator SLBOCLE ASTM D-6078. Both D-SOL products passed these difficult tests. On the HFRR passing is having a minimum wear scar of less than 460 microns, and the industry standard for the SLBOCLE is for the product to withstand 3100 grams of pressure. D-SOL scored over 4550 high above the minimum standard. D-SOL Diesel Fuel Conditioners will extend pump life with its highly fortified lubricity additives. **