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How soon do I use SFR in a new engine?

How soon can you add SFR to a new automobile, and how much should you add? I have been using SFR for years and am a firm believer in the product. I just purchased a new Honda Odessey, it seems to be really tight. It is supposed to get 28 mpg on the highways but so far I just get 22 mpg.

Norman P. Stewart,

McAllister, MT

Stewart: This question gets asked a lot and deserves consideration. What we have found in recent years is that new car engines are broke in at the factory so you can use the SFR right away. The concern has been that SFR with its unique extreme pressure additives might not allow the rings to seat and blow by will occur. For this reason, I like to put in 1% SFR for the first 500 miles, then change the oil and go to a full 5%. By adding the 1% you are allowing the cylinder liner and rings to seat slowly reducing the size of metal particles that are worn off in the break in process. This keeps the engine very tight and allows for maximum engine life.