Performance Technologies for a Clean Planet

ProTecta Vs. SFR

I was looking on your website and was wondering which product I should choose, ProTecta or SFR products?

ProTecta products are mostly synthetic and were formulated for automotive use as well as around the house, garage, and shop. Packaged in convenient sizes for the motorist, they are intended for normal consumer use in today’s automobiles and in trucks up to one-half-ton or under 10,000 lbs (GVW). This includes small RV’s, motorcycles, sporting goods, and small engines used around the house. Products include: engine treatments, engine boosters, fuel system treatments, transmission treatments, spray lubricants and handy household needle oilers.****

** *******SFR products are generally synthetic oil fortifiers used at 4-6 ounces per gallon of lubricant with each oil change, and were formulated for commercial use, fleets, industrial, agriculture, larger RV’s, trucking and racing. This includes emergency vehicles such as ambulances and police cars. Designed for heavy-duty use from off road 4 wheeling to mining equipment. Packaged with convenient pour spouts or one-ounce pumps for treating engines, differentials, manual transmissions and gearboxes, hydraulics, gasoline engines, diesel engines and compressors. SFR also manufactures grease for a variety of applications. Used in vehicles with over 10,000 lbs (GVW) or under severe service, manufacturing and industrial equipment.*********