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SFR 100 Oil Fortifier

Received 5/19/2006:

A year ago, my mechanic told me SFR 100 Oil Fortifier was getting him unbelievable mileage on his old Buick. I was very skeptical, years ago having wasted my time and money on Slick 50.

At his urging, I bought some for my 2005 Cadillac Escalade, which is EPA rate at 1317. I have been adding 8 ounces every oil change for the last year and I am now a believer.

A recent highway trip to St. Louis netted me 19.7. A recent tank in town resulted in 16.1 mpg. Certainly I don’t get that mileage all the time, but WOW. I don’t think the Cadillac dealer mechanic believed me when I told him about it.

A number of my friends have tried it at my suggestion and all have been pleased.

I must tell you, though that I have tried some of your diesel additive in my ‘01 F350 without improvement, which disappoints me greatly. If it would work as well as the Oil Fortifier, I would be one happy camper. Bill Crowe

Bill: Thanks for the accolades on your escalade! You did not mention if your F350 one ton is a four wheel drive or not? If it is there are so many moving parts you need to treat not only the engine, but the transfer case, rear end with Gearzol and the transmission if it is a manual. We find that four wheel drives get the best mileage improvement. The other thing that you did not mention is the use of D-Sol Diesel Fuel Conditioner. We always recommend to use D-Sol Diesel Fuel Conditioner with D-Sol oil fortifier. We have fleet testing that shows up to a 5% mileage improvement with the D-Sol Fuel Conditioner. Also, the F-350 is older and needs more time to clean up the engine for the mileage improvement to take place. You didn’t say how long you had been using the D-Sol, as it may just be a case of time until D-Sol cleans the engine and improves mileage. Thanks for your reply.