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SFR 100 on Chains

This email was received on March 20, 2006.

Dear Sir: My brother and his wife are team drivers, they have almost 2,000,000 miles on their 91 Western Star. They had their first overhaul after their first million miles and started using SFR after that. The selling point on SFR came about when he had trouble unlocking chains on on of his trailers in very cold weather. He had used everything under the sun in the way of a lubricant on the locks to no avail. A friend came over and dabbed a little SFR on the lock and it sprang open. Well, that was that! He was sold! And of course I was sold after hearing the story. My use is just for personal vehicles.

Now it is time, all I know about is the original SFR. My son has a 34 to GMC Yukon with the big engine that he uses to pull a Toy Hauler trailer loaded with dirt bikes for his wife and elementary age boys. His bike is water cooled, the others air cooled. He plans to keep the Yukon for ever, so SFR is a must, but after pulling up you web site **I got a little confused with all products you have on the market now and would like a little advice on what he would have a need for. **

I would appreciate any guidance you can steer my way. Thanks, Richard Clement

Richard: Since the Yukon is a 34 ton I would recommend our Gaszol synthetic oil fortifier. Its made for all gasoline engines and is compatible with regular mineral oil motor oil. You should use it each time you change your oil at 4-6 ounces per gallon of motor oil, or 1-1 12 ounces per quart. There is a view stripe on the side for easy measuring. Thanks for your reply.